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The Union Block Collection is designed with you in mind. We've tailored each room, our hospitality and amenities to make your stay is as enjoyable and relaxing as possible. We hope that our attention to detail shines through each and every moment of your stay. 

Would you like to have breakfast in bed? Order the night before to have it delivered by a chef, local and affordable. If you enjoy breakfast, lunch or dinner, all can be found less than 1 city block from the entrance of The Union Block. If you are enjoying your stay in suite 203 or 205, you'll be able to bring home the leftovers and heat them for the next meal too. 



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Union Block

The Suites display unique views of Historic Tecumseh from the Union Block, the oldest commercial building built in 1849. Each of the suites are distinctly unique while the amenities furnished are consistent one to the other. With our modern and eclectic motif, you're sure to enjoy your stay. The Suites offer LED illumination and televisions, 10 foot ceilings with fans, thermostats for heating or cooling, comfortable beds, and wifi to name a few...  



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Hours: Mon - Sat 8am - 6pm



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